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Name:"Saint" Alessa [AU]

She was once Alessa Gillespie, daughter of Dahlia Gillespie, and tool for the Order. That life ended seventeen years ago. Or at least that was the plan. At the end of the first Silent Hill video game, Alessa is reincarnated. In this universe, Harry Mason doesn't take the baby. Alessa grows up, again, in Silent Hill. Surrounded by the Order. Her once best friend Claudia helps her remember her former life. But Alessa also remembers the torment, the pain, the fear. She refuses to be used again as a vessel for the cult, to birth their God (whom they believe will bring Paradise) nurtured by anger and hate. Nobody likes it when history repeats itself.

Alessa still has all her powers (for more info on that, go to the link that says "Original"). PB is Alexa Vega (as Shilo from Repo! The Genetic Opera - it just fit too well). Muse is seventeen/eighteen, and mun is over eighteen. I do not own the rights to Silent Hill, so there's your disclaimer right there.

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